Telemedicine during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Preparing for Your Telemedicine Visit

We are pleased to provide virtual ophthalmology visits during the COVID pandemic.  If you have scheduled a telemedicine visit,  you will need to do a few things prior to your visit.

  • You will need to print out this 10-foot Snellen Eye Chart, OR visit the AppStore and download “Eye Handbook” onto your phone.  If you are having distorted vision, please print out this Amsler grid.
  • Before your visit, please measure your vision by first covering your left eye and test your right eye, then cover your right eye and test your left eye.  Your doctor can do this with you during your exam as well.
  • If you have deficits or changes with your peripheral vision, please have a 8×11 piece of paper (to screen visual fields) which your doctor may use.

During your scheduled appointment time frame, your doctor will send you a link to your cell phone via TEXT.  Please tap the link, and it will bring up a web application that will enable your doctor to see you (and your eyes!) through your phone camera.  This is a HIPAA secure service.

Thank you for your flexibility and we look forward to seeing you!

The Achieve Doctors

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